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February 5, 2013

From Charlie

An introduction: Hello, I'm Charlie Morse, I have been Pastor at Allen's Neck for a year and half now and have only just learned how to update the website. If you've been waiting for someone to update the site, sorry for the delay. I shall keep up with it from here on in.

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Yearly Meeting Events

Yearly Meeting events

A Partnership in Care: Retreat
Ministry & Counsel, Pastors, and Their Shared Work in Our Meetings Today
A retreat for Friends from pastoral meetings in New York and New England (and those who love them)

Where and When: Powell House Retreat Center, Old Chatham, NY; From Dinner on Monday, April 15 through Lunch on Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who: While the focus of these retreats in the recent past has been on pastors and the elders who support them, because we are focusing on the work of Ministry & Counsel committees, we hope each pastor will be accompanied by at least one member of their meeting's Ministry & Counsel committee.
Cost: $250 per person (3 nights, 9 meals). Please make out checks to New England Yearly Meeting.
Mid year Gathering:
Saturday. March 23 | Portland (Maine) Friends Meeting
With John Fitzgerald & Simon Lamb, Ireland YM
Taste the “living waters” flowing between and among Quakerism’s branches at the 2013 NEYM Midyear Gathering, “Let the Living Water Flow! Friends Serving God’s Purposes." John Fitzgerald and Simon Lamb of Richhill Preparative Meeting, Ireland Yearly Meeting, will lead and inspire a conversation on bringing a vital spiritual Quaker ministry into the world.

The gathering is part of a global intervisitation program organized around this theme by Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC).

About the Program:
John and Simon’s program, opening and
closing in worship, will mix presentations, exploration in small groups, and large group activities. Both men grew up in the evangelical unprogrammed tradition of Ulster Friends in Northern Ireland. Expect an open and dynamic dialog with these world-traveled Friends who seek the challenge of sharing a concrete, transformative experience of the Inward Christ within a liberal yearly meeting.

Registration & Logistics
Registration is $40 per person, including all meals and materials. Register online or by calling the New England Yearly Meeting Office at 508-754-6760. Same day registration will be available only as space permits from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

February Youth Notes

Allen’s Neck Youth
~ A request: We would love to have adult volunteers from our meeting offer to come back and spend a sunday talking with the children about any one of these aspects of life as a Friend. If you are interested, please contact Dawn Tripp at dawn@dawntripp.com or 508-636-8562.

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